Critical Appraisal Skills Programme Making sense of evidence

Welcome to the CASP UK Website

The Critical Appraisal Skills Programme helps people to find and interpret the best available evidence from health research. 

It is part of an international network that shares a commitment to self-directed learning and promoting better understanding of science.

On this website you can find out about the CASP approach, download the CASP checklists, and find out what sort of workshops we offer to help improve your appraisal skills. 

You can even commission one that is custom designed for your needs.

Introduction by Amanda Burls:


Download the CASP critical appraisal checklists for:

  • Randomised Controlled Trials
  • Systematic Reviews
  • Cohort studies
  • Case-control studies
  • Qualitative studies
  • Economic evaluations
  • Diagnostic studies

You can also find out about the background to CASP, the CASP approach and Training the Trainer approaches.

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Soon we hope to offer you the facility to find a Critical Appraisal or Finding the Evidence workshop near you. In the meantime, please contact us if you would like to find out more about any of our workshops or learning programmes.

We will be hosting a calendar of events, so that in the future anyone in the network of CASP partners can advertise their workshops.

Network News

Consumers workshop in Madrid

CASP UK and CASPe will be helping run a workshop for consumers on 19th October at the Cochrane Colloquium in Madrid. Aimed at helping consumers make sense of scientific evidence and comment on Cochrane reviews, the workshop is free for consumers working in health care.

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Find more details on the Satellite meetings section of the Colloquium website.

Join the CASP International Network.